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HI, Nyonyxx Here. Today I am going to let you guys in on a secret, something most artists overlook...

Having Fans is EVERYTHING.

Most artists spend hundreds of hours learning about production, but fail on the most important aspect...

Getting and Retaining fans.

Stop Thinking "I hope somone finds me"

Stop Thinking "I hope someone signs me"

Stop Thinking "I hope I get a gig soon"
Start Taking Action TODAY, Get your Music the Attention it DESERVES

Welcome To EDM INC

The No Bullshit Guide To Music Marketing and Limitless Fans

The Biggest Lie of the music industry?

(Check the audio intro above)

Sadly, more often than not this is far from the truth.

The truth is labels/promoters are looking at your stats. They want the artist to have a rock solid foundation of fans and social media before they take them on as an act or as part of the label. Why?

It's simple really, its getting harder and harder to sell music. Labels want insurance that your music will sell, promoters want insurance that tickets will sell.

Let's face it, if two artists have the same skill level but vastly different social networks, the one with the bigger network will win. 

Talent is often overlooked.

Music quality isn't everything. (sadly)

However, social media and your reach are. 

Your ability to reach people will 100% determine if you "make it" as a producer. 

This is just how it is...

Luckily though, it's not impossible to gain tons of new fans online, in fact thousands of artists do it every week, ...but how?

Enter EDM INC the eBOOK, the only guide on the web that talks about what it takes to make it in the modern music industry. Written by both a music marketer and a music producer, you will get to hear both sides of the coin. This isn't a story of sunshine and rainbows, this is the down and dirty on tricks, tips and hacks artists are using to get ahead and let me just be the first to say...

...not everyone is playing fair

On the outside, the realm of music production looks simple. Make some tracks, post them online, wait for people to find them. The problem?

No one finds them

You can spend years learning your craft to the best of your ability, but if you don't have a solid marketing plan, a system in place to gain and retain fans then your music "career" is dead. Period.

The problem isn't just an exposure issue, it's that once people do hear your music they leave never to return. Every day people listen to your music, but 99% of these people won't become "fans".

What if I told you there is a way to not only gain new fans, daily, but to keep these fans forever. It's a proven system that has worked for countless artists over the years. Stop waiting and hoping for someone to find you.

Take action today, you truly have nothing to lose.


Let's break this down even farther. 

You're a music producer, you love music and you want to do this for a living. How do you produce music for a living? Sell a bunch of tracks, tour,have a killer fan base.

The problem is most artists have no idea how to go about promoting themselves. This is where EDM Inc the eBOOK comes into play. It not only breaks down the systems you need to gain and retain fans, it shows you how to attract the right people to your brand.

Stop emailing labels only to be ignored.

Stop posting your music online and hoping.

The magic man that grants wishes isn't going to find your track, on YouTube. He's not going to dig through the MILLIONS of EDM tracks online, pick out yours and say THAT'S the guy, let's sign him. No. 

Listen, I know you love what you do or you wouldn't be reading this. You're tired of all the bullshit that happens online.

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You post music, no one cares.

You spend hundreds of hours on your latest track, no one gives a shit.

You work for years, you work your ass off to "build" your brand but you still have 200 fans. Half of which may be "bought" from one of those sketchy "buy Facebook likes" or "buy Twitter followers" sites. (which aren't even real fans by the way).

So what can you do?

Give up on your dreams?  Honestly, that's what most people do. 

What if there was a way though, what if there was a system you can put in place to gain and retain fans? Not only a system, but a FREE system. No one wants to spend $100's of dollars on useless banner ads.

"But, but...if there was a way, then why isn't EVERYONE DOING it?"

Simple, most people are dreamers. They dream about that expensive car, they hope someday things will be different, they don't look for a way around the mountain.

They look up at the mountain, fearing its climb and deem it impossible.

All mountains have a back road though, all mountains have a short cut if you know where to look. 

With only a few hours of your time, you can put systems in place to collect fans while you sleep

Let's face it, the game is rigged from the start. Promoters don't look for "talent", they don't care that you pour your heart and soul into your work, they care about one thing and one thing only.

You bring people to the club , you sell tickets, they make money. Period.

This is why promoters and labels are looking for strong social media cues, this is why they care about Beatport. This is how you get booking agents pounding on your door trying to represent you. They all want to make money from you.


The key is building a strong brand online that can then drive people to your gigs.

You win, the clubs win, the promoters win, everyone is happy.

Now, how the hell do you go about this I'm sure you are asking?

Simple, you get your music in front of new fans in unique and creative ways, and after you initially capture their attention you keep them by constantly offering value.

99% of producers reading this will never do the above, they won't capture the initial attention and they sure won't keep the fans long-term by offering ongoing value.

In fact, most producers won't capture the fans attention more than a few minutes, after which time the fan leaves never to remember who they are. The sad part is this can all be prevented, with a proven system that has captured and kept the attention of millions of people over the years.

This system is in place right now, capturing the attention of new fans and retaining old fans as we speak.

I feel the reason why everyone doesn't use it is simple. 

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The importance of fans is often overlooked in the industry (by people other than pro's, the pro's know fans are EVERYTHING].  

Often it isn't until producers have been building a brand (usually failing) for 4 or 5 years before they realize how important brand building is. By that time, they have let thousands, more likely hundreds of thousands of fans slide through their fingers. Gone never to return. The hardest part about reading this eBook isn't how to start the process, it's that you didn't start it 3 years ago.

However, if you start today, within a few hours you can have a system in place generating real fans. This isn't placing ad's and won't cost you a dime

Let's take a quick look at what's included in the eBook

60+ Pages of Content, easy to read PDF
5 Different Sections
Part 1 : Dark Art Of Music Marketing. A Look Inside the Industry
Part 2 : Growth Hacking, Override the System, Make a Plan of Attack
Part 3 : How to Make Inside Connections, No Spam, No Bullshit
Part 4 : Retain and Keep Fans. Constant Exposure Machine. The EDM INC System.
Part 5: Success In the Industry.

Each Section will break down different aspects of the industry, explain to you why you need to build a fan base and show you how to do so. This guide isn't just a do this do that guide, I break down the entire EDM industry as a whole and explain what labels/promoters and key people are looking for.

If you still think building a fan base isn't important, read below to find out why it's EVERYTHING to the modern producer.

Here are what some artists are saying...

I used to live in a happy bubble of “I will make it !”, read the book and it lit a fire under my ass. In the last month I doubled my Facebook Likes and had one of my “bolt on” videos reach over 125k views. Truly, awesome
— KingK
The only guide for social media domination. No bullshit is right, thanks for exposing the tricks pro’s use. Time to take action and stop complaning about my music not being heard. Thanks bro.
— John G
wtf man, why didn’t you tell me this shit YEARS AGO. So much wasted time arggggg. haha ! Within a month I got 10 times more facebook likes. My latest track was heard by over 80,000 people. Which is about 79,000 more than the last one :)
— rRippity
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The EDM Inc Promise

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